Episode 15: Can Prince’s “Purple Rain” hold up in 2017 and The Brain celebrates his 15th Birthday!

December 07, 2017

Does Prince’s “Purple Rain” serve as the most iconic music movie from that decade and was he overrated? Results from last week’s poll and take this week’s racy Twitter poll because sex sells! What’s in the ultimate cheeseburger will not only surprise you but block you. What’s with the hype of Lil Pump and Smokepurpp? Pervs unite! Bill O’Reilly defends Matt Lauer as he fights for a $30 million payout. Prince Harry gets an incredible dose of Meghan Markle to soothe his jungle fever. Bagel wants to give his imaginary daughter an unusual name. Discussion of the Carol Burnett 50th Anniversary Special. The Brain celebrates his 15th birthday with neighbors, family and friends. The weekly inspirational quote and much more!

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