We save lives!

Listen and Laugh is seriously committed to your health. According to Psychology Today, laughter is the best medicine because it:

1. reduces pain;
2. increases job performance;
3. connects people emotionally;
4. improves the flow of oxygen to the heart and brain;
5. offsets the impact of mental stress; and
6. reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Damn! Bagel and The Brain are under tremendous pressure to deliver laughs to you each and every week on their free podcast. Never forget that every time they make you laugh, these guys are preventing you from having a heart attack, helping you get a raise at work, reducing your road rage urges, and saving your relationships and even your marriage.

So please tip Bagel and The Brain for providing you with a dose of life-saving humor that is a hell of a lot cheaper than the nasty prescription drugs your doctors and pharmacists push. Click on the tip jar, and you will be connected to PayPal. Thank you very much for supporting the show, and we’ll see you next week!!!

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